About us

Establishment of the company:

Falcon Vision Trading Company was established before the year 2000 AD in the province of Jeddah, under the name of Mohammed Bin Salem Al Harbi Foundation, then it was transformed into a group of Mohammed bin Salem Al Harbi Enterprises and transferred to the entity of Falcon Vision Trading Company.

Falcon Vision started its commercial activity in the field of contracting, operation and maintenance, and then it developed and expanded to several activities and other fields, which in turn achieved many successes through the studies presented with high levels of accuracy and commitment.

Falcon Vision Company includes specialized international alliances and partnerships from various sectors of contracting, infrastructure and industry, developing solutions to the risks of torrents, defensive engineering, monitoring and monitoring the geographical borders of the state, establishing industrial cities, establishing residential and health cities, security, building materials, general trade, commercial agencies, food and water aquaculture, financing project studies, asset assessment and aviation Power and heavy electric vehicles.