Asset valuation

One of the most important areas for governments is the economic calendar, as well as ministries in their various specialties, governmental and private companies, where major companies fully evaluate their assets and entity, which benefits the companies.
We bring in the largest international companies in this field in order to benefit from their international and global experiences in the field of evaluating companies ’assets, and through this evaluation that our first partner possesses globally and through accumulating experiences over a general area to be the real economic evaluation of governments and companies.
We have in the Falcon Vision company a great partnership with the major global asset assessment companies, which is the “Advanced Appraisal Group” company, which is considered one of the most important companies working in the field of asset evaluation in the world, where the company has a life span of more than one hundred and fifty general, and the company has highly efficient accounting programs In order to provide the best result for clients, these programs are owned exclusively worldwide in general trade, finance, health, real estate, military field, contracting, industry, energy, gas, oil and technology.