Chairman’s statement

First of all, thanks to God, then thanks to king Salman bin Abdulaziz, a man of giving, humanity and a king of firmness and determination for what he offers to the homeland, the citizen and the resident.

Thanks to His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince al-Amin, Prince of Vision, which has become a curriculum that studies and is highly determined and an example to the development of peoples and their homelands with their human and economic savings and a cohesive building society that knows what to do and strengthen the interaction to work and determine the goal of reaching the goal of achieving the vision of 2030.

The Mohammed Bin Salem Al Harbi Foundation started and then turned

into a commercial falcon vision company in the field of contracting, operation and maintenance, and then developed and expanded to several other activities and areas, which in turn achieved many successes through the studies provided with high levels of accuracy and commitment.

The Falcon Vision company includes specialized international alliances and partnerships from various sectors of contracting, infrastructure and industry, developing solutions to flood risk, defense engineering, monitoring and monitoring of geographical boundaries, construction of industrial cities, construction of residential, health and security cities, building materials, general trade, commercial power of attorney, food, aquaculture, studies of financing projects, asset evaluation, aviation, energy and heavy electric transport vehicles.

The launch of Vision 2030 enhances the opportunities granted to the private sector in order to start a new quality of business and expand more in many sectors, especially bringing in long-term qualitative investments with technology transfer, and this is precisely an important part of the company’s business system vision falcon through our partners in our most important quality specialties and our goal is to develop ourselves and everyone who works with

us and shares us work and success for our dear country and all of us with

global experience and localization.