Vigilance Group

An Emirati company working in several fields such as cost and risk management, management consulting and studies, procurement consulting, training in the field of managerial professional development as well as investment in projects and the establishment and management of them, Feglans has made anti-fraud strategies, especially procurement fraud, for example, bid fraud Tenders, contract fraud, project procurement, fraud and manipulation of purchasing policies in all sectors, several major countries in this field have benefited from this strategy, including the United Kingdom in 2019 when the review was made and found losses amounting to 127 billion pounds Sterling.


Feglans also provides services to investors that are characterized by building contractual relationships between investors and entrepreneurs, the purpose of which is to implement various projects and reduce the risk of fraud during the contracting and implementation stage, in infrastructure development projects, and it has not been overlooked, so it has sat at the level of training, where it has established an academic department for prudent awareness of all methods Global fraud such as frauds and transnational financial crime, as Florence provides training courses and workshops jointly with Charles Sturt University, Australia.