Huanbohai Energy Trading Center

Falcon Vision Trading Company established a strategic partnership with Huanbohai Energy Company, and it is considered the first international center for energy trade, including instant energy commodity trade, warehouses, and logistics services. Huanbohai Energy is one of the largest companies working in the field of energy and oil in China, and it has several branches In China and abroad, in addition to 27 countries such as the United States of America, Russia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Nigeria, and Colombia, and also has international partnerships and alliances with more than 35 oil companies from the largest oil companies in the world, and Huanbohai Energy Company owns more than 160 oil refineries of which there are 100 Refineries inside China and more than 60 refineries outside China. 

Huanbohai Energy Company covers the field of oil in all its types, such as international and domestic crude oil, fuel oil, refined oil, liquefied natural gas, asphalt, and other petroleum products, and the volume of transactions in Huanbohai Energy Company reached more than 60 million metric tons, and the estimated volume of trading in Oil and natural gas equals 300 billion USD. 

Huanbohai Energy always adheres to the standards of integrity in dealing with its international partners and allies, and strives to be one of the largest energy trading centers in the world by providing the best oil services using the latest technological systems, and is now working to expand its international energy dealings to achieve Strong interconnection in the best scope and best possible business strategy .