Falcon Vision Company presented a giant project in support of the food security of the Kingdom, which is in the field of aquaculture (fish and shrimp) with the Chinese company (Evergreen).

We aim through the establishment of this large project to provide very large amounts of fish and shrimp to be pumped into the local and global markets.

This agreement was signed at the “One Belt One Road Conference” in Beijing. Thanks to God, our presence was in response to an official invitation from the Chinese government. In light of which, we were signed as a Saudi company for an important and strategic project for our country, and this is among the important goals of food security of Vision 2030 in the field of aquaculture with the most important Major Chinese companies specializing in this field under the patronage of His Excellency the Chinese President at the “One Belt One Road Conference” to transfer global technology in this field and localize it in our Kingdom.